Foster Info

We are always looking for families to open their homes to foster animals. If you have an interest in doing so, please submit the appropriate forms via e-mail to Melanie at or call Susan at 602-684-8616. WWW will provide whatever you need for your foster, including food and bedding. Please be prepared to explain to to anyone interested that this is a foster animal that must go through WWW's standard adoption process.

Foster Do’s and Don'ts 

1. Call Melanie or Laurie at any time if you have any questions or concerns
Melanie - 602-828-2425
Laurie - 480-606-8138

2. Crate your foster dog during times you are not at home

3. Use the veterinary clinics referred to by the rescue organization

4. Feed puppies 3 to 4 times daily, feed adult dogs twice daily

5. Be available for Meet & Greet with potential adopters

6. E-mail updated photos to Melanie to promote your foster

7. Only allow dogs chew toys and treats if you are present; AVOID rawhide chew toys

8. Avoid dog parks

9. Do not allow your foster to interact with other dogs unless they live with you


1. It is the responsibility of the foster family to help keep the foster dog safe at all times. You are our eyes and ears for this dog. ANYTHING you see that you have questions about or are unsure of call right away.

2. If your foster is injured or gets sick while in your care, call Melanie or Laurie immediately
Melanie - 602-828-2425
Laurie - 480-606-8138

3. If something happens to a rescue dog while in your care it is a huge liability and the rescues non profit status and reputation are at RISK.


Foster Responsibilies

Foster Do's and Don'ts

Caretaker Agreement