Happy Tail Stories

Hi Melanie,

Just a quick note to let you know Buddy is doing great. Changed his name, Charlie didn't fit him. He is just my husband's shadow so we named him Buddy Brown. The first few days were rough for him. He wasn't sure of us at all. I would think I was making progress and then he would regress and run from me. But he never does that any more. He doesn't chew dry dog food very well so I give him soft Iams. He likes it a lot. If I watch really close no accidents in the house. We just leash up and go out every few hours. He sleeps in a dog crate at night at the foot of the bed.  Just so happy to see us in the morning his little tail almost wags off. He and Buster play and then collapse and sleep a while.
Hey Melanie,

I'm doing fine as are the dogs. Buster and Harlow love each other so much! They do everything together. Harlow is growing up so quickly. Every day we see new changes and improvements. He lost all is baby teeth and most of his adult teeth have grown in. He's fully potty trained now too! I just recently taught him how to sit. We just love him so much. He follows me everywhere since I'm home with him a lot more than Steven, but whenever Steven gets home all Harlow wants is attention from him. I actually took him to the groomer's yesterday, all his terrier fur is cut off now! I requested that they don't touch any of the fur on his head because I love it so much. So now his entire body is shaved and his head and tail are all furry. He looks like a little lion. I have so many pictures of him, I'll attach them to this email. Hope all is well with you and your doggies too!
Hi Melanie


Boji is doing great! He is potty trained and can get on most of the furniture himself. He is the easiest dog I have ever trained and so happy!!!! My guess he is a whopping 4 pounds now. 


Sparkle is doing great. Here's a couple of pictures.  She loves to stretch out on the couch. I will send more pictures and another update on Monday.


They are doing great! I was watching them play chase around the back yard - it is fun to see Zeus more playful! Riggy has figured out how to jump up on the trampoline and gets up there whenever the kids are up there - he just cracks us up! He also has settled in and I catch him napping with Zeus in the afternoon ( :


Hello Melanie,

Mister is doing great. We love him and he's definitely use to everything. This past weekend we took him to northern AZ, to our hometown. It was about a 4 hour drive. On the drive over he didn't like the first 2 hours but Bradley picked and played with him, Mister was really serious and he would growl, he didn't want to play even though he loves playing. He just didn't like the car ride but with Bradley picking and playing w/ him, Mister got comfortable and got more resilient to the motion. After our drive he was still afraid of the car but throughout the weekend we had to take him everywhere because it was all new to him and we couldn't leave him anywhere, he also would hold it because he was unfamiliar with where he should pee or poo (I felt bad) but he did really good though, he didn't go restroom in Brad and I's parents' houses. Anyway hes doing great now he definitely missed home. He's getting used to being locked in the kitchen when were gone and he gets very happy and excited when we (any of us) come home, its great he definitely makes us feel loved and important. He loves kisses and wants to lick us every chance he gets. Hes getting mischievous, hes chewing on shoes and laundry on the floor. We just start closing our closet and keep laundry in baskets, so it can be handled, no problems there. Mister sleeps with us every night and hes hardly locked up at night. I attached two photos of mister laying next to me. Enjoy your day.

Angel Tacheene


I've been meaning to write you both for a while now, but havent. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for leaving work early to go to Ryans Pet Supply and seeing my beautiful dog and meeting you Melanie. Bentley (formerly known as Jonah) has brought us so much joy and laughter. Chris and I love him so much and AJ and Bentley have become the best of friends. I just wanted to thank you for everything and everything you do for animals.

Much Love,
Dear Woofs Wiggles n Wags,

Btw, I think Im going to license her as Precious Princess... I seem to keep calling her precious so thought I'd just add it to her name. She slept between my legs under the covers. And continues to do so. She doesn't get up until I move her so I can get up. She is a love, that's for sure.


Hi Ladies,

Ellie is AWESOME! She is such a loving dog everybody has fallen in love with her, especially me!! We love our daily walks!! She is eating well and sleeps through the night on her doggie bed. She loves being out in our backyard with this beautiful weather and loves ALL types of balls. Likes to pop them too. She doesn't do too well on the leash or with other dogs but we are working on it.

Attached our some photos... Thanks for checking on us.